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Imagine if you could build a business that is NOT reliant on YOU AND help you achieve your DREAMS (instead of feeling like a slave to your business!) 

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It's Our Goal To STOP the Hustle and Hours of Sacrfiice and Help You Build Your Business With Balance. 

The BEST Therapist, Personal Trainer, Chiropractor or Tradie does NOT Equate to a Great Biz Owner... 

You trained to become a great Therapist, Hair Dresser, Beautician, Chiropractor, Personal Trainer, Tradie, Etc…

And you learned everything you need to know to be able to provide your serve your clients really well...

However what they don’t teach you during your qualification training is how to effectively run a great business.

Most of us have to figure this shit out on our own and it’s no wonder why so many businesses fail and burn out within their first 3 years.

Building a business that is NOT RELIANT on you is virtually impossible because you simply DON’T KNOW what you don’t know.

Your business is a vehicle to help you make the impact and income your heart desires AND to build your dream life.

It shouldn’t feel like you are a slave to your business or woken up in a life you didn't sign up for. 

You don’t have to be the worst paid person in your business!

You don’t have wear all the hats (insert sigh of relief!!)

YES it is possible to build a business that is not reliant on you so you can you take a 2 week STRESS FREE holiday with your family and have your business still thriving when you get back!

This is exactly why we created our Biz Booster Health Check! It's desiged especially for Busy Burnt out Biz Owners to easily identify "what's missing" in your business and where you need to focus in the next 90 days to Boost your Biz AND get your life back!! 

As a special BONUS in addition to this Biz Booster Health Check Download, we are also giving you FREE access to our Biz Booster Mini Course which has a video on each of the 5 key areas we know most business owners struggle so you can BOOST your business without the burnout and restore balance to your life.

We understand you are already busy so this Business Booster Health Check is designed to lighten your load and help you focus on the right things and its jam packed with tools, strategies and insights to help you achieve MORE by doing LESS so you can get your time back and enjoy more of what you love! (Yes I know your partner, kids, family & friends will be thanking us too!!) 

Our mission is to show you how to:

Double Your Turnover

 Triple Your Profit

 Quadruple Your Time OFF 

 AND 10X your Life!

So instead of you being a SLAVE to your biz, you get to take back control and have your biz working for YOU!!

It's time for YOU to flip the switch from busy and burnout to fun and freedom. 

It's time to start dreaming about what you want to do with all your spare TIME you will have and where you are going on your first holiday! We are so excited to show you how you can turn your dream into your reality... and much much sooner than you think!! 

** Sarah was able to get her massage business fully booked 6 weeks in advance and build a team of 3 therapists in just 90 days! 

** Kath and her hubby have a building company. They were able to double their turnover, buy their dream home, boat and car and move their business from their spare room to purchasing a commercial premises and living the dream lifestyle and lots of holidays!! 

** Kylie transitioned from busy and burnt out working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week as a personal training and group fitness instructor to owning 13 fitness centres, working part time and taking her family on 33 epic dream holidays in just 3 years!! 

** Jeff was able to take his business online and made $1.6M in just 4 months of launching online!! 

** Kerri is a horse therapist and was able to create over $30K AND book another 20 sales calls within 48 hours!

** Billy was a single Mum & NLP Coach and she was able to generate $20K in just 14 days starting from scratch without a list or using any paid Facebook Ads!  

We can't wait to help YOU to boost YOUR business and share YOUR success story to help inspire others!! 

WHY KickAss Kylie & Jeff Your Marketing Nerd?

Kylie & Jeff met donkeys years ago when they both worked for the National College of Business. Kylie was the Head Business Coach and Jeff was Head Business Development Manager. 

- Kylie focused on her gym business growing to an empire of 13 Health & Fitness Centres and building her own Business Coaching Academy and online programs AND pulled her kiddos out of school travelling the world for 3 years. 

- Jeff focued on his Online Marketing Business and in 2017 applied what he was teaching his clients and built an online ecommerce business dropshipping a stuffed toy elephant and did $1.6M in 4 months! He absolutely loves to help clients untap their potential and thrive with online sales and marketing systems. 

Kylie and Jeff reconnected and realised that TOGETHER they really compliment each others genius zones and the DreamTeam was reunited once more! 

Our unique point of difference and the strength of having BOTH of us...

If you just have a coach you get the strategy of WHAT you need to do and WHY you need to do it, but then you are left in overwhelm as you try and figure out HOW to implement it all into your business. 

If you have just a "tech nerd" they will do it all for you and implement the HOW... BUT they don't have the business strategy and you need to hope and pray you get someone who knows what they are doing and that it all works. 

So having both Kylie and Jeff as a powerful kickass combined force, you get it ALL! AND you get hands on coaching and support every step of the way to IMPLEMENT everthing inside our Done WITH You Biz Booster Program. 

We BOTH understand the challenges that Solopreneurs and Business Owners face with feeling stuck, stressed, busy and burnt out... because we've been there too! We understand juggling business, family and life and we are excited to tell you that you CAN have it ALL!  

We want YOU to have the online automated systems so you can generate new leads and make sales even while you are asleep, on holidays or having fun at the beach! 

Let's Do This!! Download our FREE Biz Booster Health Check and BONUS Training and lets make this year your best year yet! 


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What our rockstars are saying

Kaz Schuback

I truly appreciate all of your guidance, patience and support that the team from Kickassity Academy has offered me. You are amazing humans, and I am blessed to know you.

Billy Boss Beauties

Thanks to KickAss Kylie I was able to go from Zero to $20K in just 14 days following her KickAss Launch Formula!


Suzan Prior
Soul2Hearts personal Development
Hi to all of the Kickassity Academy team. Sending you all a big Thank-you for making today's coaching session so fun , I am so grateful for everything you helped me with so far.

Valued at Over $497 

Our Biz Booster Health Check is already helping Business Owners just like you all over the globe to BOOST their businesses AND their life! 

This is EASILY valued at over $497 and available for FREE for a limited time.

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