Hello Busy Burnt Out Business Owner!

Do you feel like you are working harder and harder, consumed by your biz and can't seem to get your business "under control"?? Our team specialise in helping 6-Figure Service Based Businesses to scale to 7-Figures and beyond without working harder! Here at the KickAssity Academy, it's our mission is to help YOU to double your revenue, triple your profit, quadruple your time off and 10X your life!! With over 25 years experience in business, we can help you take back control and flip the switch so your business serves YOU instead of you being a slave to it! xo


Who is KickAss Kylie?

I am the Crazy Fun, Outta The Box Mum & Business Growth Strategist. 💋 xo

I empower KickAss biz owners to scale their biz online. Our KickAssity Academy is a hub for SME Biz Owners specialising in scaling 6-Figure businesses to 7-Figures and beyond. We LOVE to help biz fall back in love with their biz so they have the income and freedom to LIVE their dream life!


What gives me the authority to do that?

💋  25 Years Business Experience,
💋  Former Head Coach at National College of Business,
💋  Former Franchisor of my own chain with 13 Fitness Centres
💋  International Speaker
💋  Invested over $350k in personal development, courses, coaches & programs
💋  Bachelor Business (HRM & MKT)
💋  47 years in the School of Hard Knocks! 

What is REALLY important is that I can help you fast track and get unstuck to create a life you love. I am all about Family, Fun & Freedom. I am a full-time single Mum, we've enjoyed 37 holidays in the past 5 years and I want to help YOU create a life you love too!! 

Our Core Values

💋  LOVE - Do ALL things from a place of love. 
💋  Integrity - Do what we say we will do - this is the foundation for KickAss Results. 
💋  KickAss Results - Getting REAL results that make the biggest impact FAST for YOU, your Biz AND your clients! 
💋  KISS - Keep it SIMPLE SuperStar!

💋  FUN - When you have FUN you want more! 
💋  REAL - being real, raw, authentic and true to who you really are. 

What do others have to say?

"Best training ever!! Kylie has an amazing way of explaining and teaching that even I can understand!! Caring and driven to help her students succeed! I love this training and am forever grateful!"

Kylie Gepp
Mum, Carer, Home Based Business Owner

"It's been great!! I've gotten so much info & insight that's helped me understand this better than the other offers out there!! You are real & have integrity which is something that appeals to me! You are a jewel 💎 KKK 💜💜💜"

Daniela Jimenez
Kick Ass Course Challenge Participant

"I so needed this Kylie... I was so down before I listened to you.. been trying to make a paradigm shift and wow its been testing me... but this has given me insight to my next step... thanks so much."

Pauline Duncan
Home School Teacher & Mentor

"Thank you for kicking my arse! I needed that loving push from you and the self-belief in myself. A winning combo! 🏆🏅"

Sue Cooper
SEO Expert & Online Marketing Genie

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