Talent Dynamics Masterclass

Learn the 3 Success Secrets to Discover Your Talent, Get in Flow and Scale Your Biz without having to do "all the things" you don't love! 
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It's time to Ditch the Overwhelm, Forget The Frustration & Discover Your Talent to make the impact you were born to make!

In this Masterclass:
* Secret #1 - Discover Your Super Power Talent so you can stop feeling so confused, overwhelmed and not loving what you do!
* Secret #2 - Understand how you can use your super power to add massive value to others.
* Secret #3 - Know when to say YES and when to say NO so you can be in your maximum FLOW! 

Coach Kylie discovered her super power back in 2006. At the time she was super busy, super stressed doing E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G in her biz. As soon as she discovered her talent, she was about to get the right people on her team and scale her business from one gym to 13 gyms in just 3 years whilst working part time and living a life she loved! 

Where are YOU out of flow?

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Talent Dynamics Masterclass

These challenging and changing times are the perfect opportunity for you to consciously create your life and shine! People are hurting more than ever before and need your help. They already love you... they just haven't found you yet!

I know you are tired of playing a small game. You know you are destined for more and this is your time. Are you ready to make a greater impact sharing your unique and genius gift? Join our Talent Dynamics Masterclass. We will shine a light on your blindspots so you can consciously create your biz, your life, your way... YAY! 

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Do you ever feel like you woke up trapped in a life you didn't sign up for? 

And you have no freaking idea how you got there... How could you have gotten so far off track and out of alignment? The complete opposite to what you want?

Hey! I'm Kick Ass Kylie, a crazy, fun, outta the box mum and I also woke up in a life I didn't sign up for. On paper it looked like we had it all. A successful business, married, 2 kids, dream car, boat, the properties... bla bla bla...

But I was stressed to the eyeballs, in over a million dollars of debt, disconnected from my (now ex) husband and the kids were screaming out for my attention. I fuelled my day with coffee to get me going because I was in a constant state of exhaustion and then drowned my sorrows and tried to escape from it all at night with a bottle of wine.

I had packed on the weight, I was consumed by my business always on the phone and glued to my laptop but secretly wishing I could run away and live in Bali for a year...

When I discovered my Super Power Talent I was able to focus on my strengths, do what I love which was in flow and surround myself with the right team using their super powers so we could scale our business from one gym to 13 clubs in just 3 years. 

Think of Queen Elsa in Frozen. At first she didn't know how to harness her super power and it caused so much pain and devastation. Once she understood it she was able to turn everything around. 

Not knowing this will keep you stuck, confused, frustrated and guessing at how you can scale your business and achieve your dreams and goals. 

I have now been on 30 amazing holidays in the past 5 years including 3 years worldschooling my cherubs who are now 9 and 13. I purchased my dream car, a Porsche Cayenne, I am making an impact doing exactly what I love working less than 10 hours a week and we want to help YOU to create YOUR dream biz and dream life too!! 

Register NOW and Discover Your Talent inside our masterclass:-

πŸ’‹ Get clarity on exactly what your Super Power is AND how you can make the most of it!! 

πŸ’‹ Access your FLOW state so that you are able to get shit done fast and actually LOVE it!

πŸ’‹ Learn WHO you need on your team to support you in creating a leveraged business that gives you the BALANCE & FREEDOM you desire.

This Talent Dynamics Masterclass for women entrepreneurs is Valued at $297 and yours FREE as our gift to help YOU make a greater impact (and more income) doing with you LOVE!! 

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Who is Coach Kylie?

I am the Crazy Fun, Outta The Box Mum & Online Marketing Mentor.

I empower women entrepreneurs to create an impact doing what they love in a leveraged way so they have the balance & freedom to do what they want and live your life your way. 

Why Listen to Me?? 
πŸ’‹ 22 Years Business Experience,
πŸ’‹ Former Head Coach at National College of Business,
πŸ’‹ Former Franchisor of my own chain with 13 Fitness Centres
πŸ’‹ International Speaker
πŸ’‹ Invested over $350k in personal development, courses, coaches & programs
πŸ’‹ Bachelor Business (HRM & MKT)

BUT... NONE Of that matters!! What REALLY matters is that I can help you fast track and get unstuck to create a life you love. I am all about Family, Fun & Freedom. I am a full time single Mum, we've enjoyed 30 holidays in the past 5 years and I want to help YOU create your dream life and dream biz too!! πŸ’‹ xo


Who is Diamond Di?

I am your biggest Supporter and want to see you SHINE! 

Why I Do What I Do:-

🌟 To help you build your confidence and discover your talents with over 20 years experience in Talent Dynamics!

🌟 Empower you to acknowledge your Talents and where you are in Flow so you can start doing what you are truely gifted to do!

🌟 Energise you to take charge of your own destiny and take action!

My passion is helping people discover their talent & purpose so that they can make an impact doing what they LOVE. 

Live the passion you were born to live πŸ’‹ xx


"Di, you were so incredible to work with! I felt instantly comfortable around you. The provided 'in depth' report that l received was so clear and easy to understand when you explained it for me. I loved every part of the Talent Dynamics test and debrief process that we completed together. I could not believe how accurate the test was - it was like I had written a book about myself. The best part for me was learning about the energy flow and what people in the world compliment me, that I need in my life. These were aspects that I had never considered needing to know about before, but glad to have discovered. Thank you again Di, you are brilliant at what you do. This experience is something I would recommend to anybody and everybody, for personal and or career insight."

Lauren Sportle
The Girl Who Loves Cosmetics

"I’ve stopped creating myself a JOB and shifted to Entrepreneur. Lots of shifts and feeling GREAT! Monday Mornings are my favourite days now with this program! Love this community. "

Christine L. Dillion

"Finding out I don’t need to be like everybody else, I need to do it how I want to do it and acknowledge my creator talent. I always thought I wasn’t good enough. Thanks to doing the courses I have grown a LOT and realised I do have talent. I do have a lot to give. I’ve put my program together. It's because of all you ladies. You are all wonderful and so supportive. You pull us out of the hole we go into sometimes. So uplifting will bring anyone out of the doldrums. Coming onto these calls is so helpful personally and for business. So many ideas and different perspectives. I take so much away from each and everyone of you that helps me with my business and thank all of you for all that you give. I can be me. I am a creator and I am a damn good one!! I didn’t believe in me for a long time. This course is bringing that out of me. It’s helped me grow and believe in myself"

Vivienne Adornato
Meditation and Yoga Instructor

"I have struggled with seeing myself as less than or not enough for most of my life. There were tasks that I found so difficult and I felt like everyone around me could do them with ease. Through working with you I have realised that everyone has these struggles as well as their talents. Thank you so much for your guidance Di! You have helped me get clear on what my strengths and abilities are!"

Anna Smith
Anna Bridget Creating Space

"I'm new to business and the first time in my life I haven’t had depression. I am discovering I am a new person. There are things I thrive in and things I don’t enjoy and it’s great to know the difference!! I got sick and stayed with my parents for 2 extra weeks and it was great that I had the freedom and I could continue to work from anywhere online I just needed my laptop. Through doing this program and learning more about my profile I realised I was restricting myself and thought I needed to wait for my success before I could have and do certain things and have been able to bring dates forward by 2-3 years. It’s been really cool to bring these forward to be happening sooner and no so far away in the future."

Lauren Sportle
The Girl Who Loves Cosmetics
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πŸ’‹ Talent Dynamics Masterclass 

Discover Your Secret Talent Super Power to get in Flow and make an impact doing what you LOVE without the Overwhelm and Frustration so you can scale FAST! xo