Real Talk for Biz Owners Networking Event March 2023

You become the average of the people you hang out with. If you want to run faster, you need to run with people who run faster than you do...

How Much Does It Cost To Attend This Session?
The cost to attend is 1 hour of your time 

As a business owner your time is your most valuable asset because once it's gone you will never get it back. 

KickAssity Academy is a hub for business owners to scale and exit their business. Our Mission is to help business owners double their turnover, triple their profit, quadruple their time off and 10X their life. 

We achieve this by mentoring business owners to focus on the right activities that allow them to leverage their business and achieve more by doing less.

With over 20 years experience we know that one of the most effective ways to grow your business is to connect with other KickAss business owners. 

The Virtual Event is FREE - What’s the Catch?

We recognise that during this time, more than ever, having a supportive community and creating quality connections is essential to your continued success.

In exchange for 1 hour of your valuable time we will give you: 

✅ Focus and Accountability to KickAss Fast, 

✅ New business connections to grow your biz, 

 Support so you never feel alone in biz again,

 A captive audience to promote your biz,

 Solutions to your burning biz challenges,

 Real friends who get you!


Our team genuinely care about our community and are all here to benefit you and your growth. Our team think we’re a little crazy offering this for free, especially considering the facilitated networking opportunities we make available in these online events. The truth is we ARE crazy (in a really great way) and we know TOGETHER we can play a bigger game to make the world a better place!